Monday, January 28, 2008

Oxford Murders Trailer

The Oxford Murders is an upcoming thriller film adapted from an award-winning novel of the same name by the Argentine mathematician and writer Guillermo Martinez. The movie is directed by Alex de la Iglesia and is starring Elijah Wood (yes, you're right, the guy from the Lord of the Ring), John Hurt, and Leonor Watling.

The official trailer of The Oxford Murders here below:


The plot:
"Wood plays an American student at Oxford University who becomes intrigued by a murder. He is taken under the wing of a Sherlock Holmes-style mentor (Hurt), who uses logic and mathematical symbols to try to stop a series of murders." (Source: Wikipedia)

Elijah Wood is getting more mature and the roleshe is paying are evloving too.
A star that we will be pleased to follow for the next 20 years!